If you’ve ever had a tough time picking the right outfit for a particular occasion, or want to learn the basic fundamentals of fashion styling and want a better understanding of how colours, silhouettes & accessorizing work in putting together the perfect fashionable look, then this workshop is for you!

4 weeks to a more stylish you!

This dynamic and explorative short course on fashion styling aims to help you understand trends and develop your own unique style. Its holistic nature will help you gain knowledge in different key areas of styling while applying it to yourself.


The first week introduces you to the elements and principles of fashion, basics of color theory, identifying styling elements and exploring past and present trends. You will further understand key elements that are required to bring together a certain look.


Takes you through important fashion looks over the years, dressing for personality types and analyzing body shapes that will help you to understand you and your style better. Participants are also introduced to brand & product awareness and resourceful shopping tools that would be helpful in selecting the right fashion products for you.


This week is all about understanding the importance of accessories, creating colour palettes, and exploring what works best for you. Participants will have a hands-on experience through a fun group session.


The final week of the program guides you in putting together all the concepts learnt over the weeks to create different looks for yourself. You even get to capture it with a fun photoshoot while enjoying an exciting and social finale session.

The sessions will be held on Saturday and Sunday at Albex India, M 16/46, M Block, 9th Street, Anna Nagar East, Chennai 600 102.

For more information, you can call us on +91 44 485 80705 or email us on go.style.urself@albex-dxb.com

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The workshop begins on 14th March and has 8 sessions. Do ensure that you are able to attend all of them to make the best use of this course.